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Elderly Home Care

Home health care in Elizabeth, NJ, includes different services. Elderly home care services that are covered under Medicare can include intermittent nursing care, care given by home health aides, and therapy.

Medicare can cover elderly home care if you are homebound, which means it’s difficult for you to leave the home and you would need help to do so, you need skilled nursing services or therapy care, and your doctor signs a home health certification confirming that you are indeed homebound and need skilled care. Doctors will need to certify the home health plan every 60 days but a face-to-face meeting isn’t usually necessary for recertification. You will need to receive care from a Medicare-certified agency.

You won’t be able to qualify for Medicare coverage if you also require occupational therapy. If you are able to qualify for home care another way through Medicare you can get these services will receiving occupational therapy.

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Does Medicare Cover Elderly Home Care?