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Home Health Aide Near Me

The Right Way to Pay a Home Health Aide Near Me

If you are getting a home health aide near me, you need to know the right way to pay.

Don’t pay under the table. Untaxed cash payments can get you in trouble during tax time. It helps to increase your insurance. If a regular caregiver gets injured in the house, your insurance may not be able to cover all the costs. Check with your insurance about increasing your coverage or buying umbrella liability coverage.

Have a formal arrangement. Laying out the tasks, payment, and other factors is important. A written contract can make it easier to prove the money paid wasn’t a gift. This is a key element for Medicaid eligibility later. A tax expert can lay out the most tax-efficient employment arrangement, especially if you are paying a relative to be a home health aide. Caregivers should keep a log of when he or she works in order to match the payments.