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Live-in Senior Care

Should You Have Live-In Senior Care?

There are many different options to care for seniors. One option is live-in senior care. This type of care means a full-time caregiver who also lives in the house with the senior. This type of care is better suited for seniors who need care around the clock and especially at night. If a caregiver will need to wake up during the night to help a senior take medication or tend to them then a live-in caregiver can be a good solution.

There are usually two ways live-in senior care can be set up. Live-in caregivers can maintain their own separate residence. In this situation, there are two or more caregivers that rotate the nights they work. Then there are also live-in caregivers who live in the home of the person they care for. The person will be the sole nighttime caregiver but can also have support from a visiting aide or nurse during the day so they can have some time off.