As we are encouraged to engage in social distancing during the coronavirus

crisis, there are different ways we can engage our elderly friends and family


The use of internet to connect with loved ones is essential. Always try to

have up-to-date communication equipment which will enhance your mode of

communication with friends and loved ones. These are few options out there

to use, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom e.t.c

Exercise indoors. Try to stay as physically active as possible

Plan and cook healthy food together. Cooking engages a lot and you can

browse cooking recipes from different websites to get an idea of what

exactly you want to cook.

Take a walk outside everyday if possible. Social distancing doesn’t mean

you have to stay inside. This is the best time to take a walk and try to keep

your distance if there are other people around you.

Computer gaming increase physical performance in elderly, also makes

them feel happier and more sociable. As soon as they get addicted to a

particular game, you will realize where their happiness is because they will

always want to play the game every opportunity they get which makes it fun.

Dial down bad news. Dr. Theeke says “Too much bad news can overwhelm

your emotions” Always focus on the activities that make you feel happy and

stay positive.


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