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About Us

A Message from our Founder

I personally thank you for your interest in Adult Alternative Home Care. In accordance with our mission and vision, our greatest goal is to help those we serve to get excellent home care that allows them to remain safely in their homes. We are compassionate and value the aged population as an integral part of our society. We believe strongly that it is an honor to serve those who once served us.

My passion to serve the elderly came as a result of being raised by my grandmother. She took care of me and I took care of her when she was old, frail, and could not take care of her daily activities of living. After completing nursing school in 2009, I worked with the elderly in nursing homes, hospitals, and in their homes. I went on to complete advanced nurse training with a focus on Geriatrics. As I gained more clinical experience, I was encouraged to pursue my dreams of establishing a home care organization that will provide excellent services to members of my community.

We are locally owned and managed and that allows for personalized interaction with us. We remain available from the first interaction to ensure an easy process for all your home care needs. As the director of Adult Alternative Home Care services, I meet and assess each client personally and remain available to all family members.

We are dedicated to employing passionate care providers who will deliver excellent personal and home health care. Our entire staff understands that excellent caregiving is more than a job, it is a calling. A calling we hold dearly and pride ourselves in.

We truly appreciate your patronage and promise to deliver the best care!

Lorraine Arkaifie, MSN, APN, RN
Founder & Director of Services

Lorraine Arkaifie

Founder & Director of Services

Lorraine Arkaifie is an Adult & Geriatric Nurse Practitioner with a heart for serving the elderly.
Serving the community since 2009. We are locally owned and managed.  Founded by a nurse clinician with over ten years clinical experience working with adult and aged population.

Mission Statement

We believe the adult and aged person are an integral part of the community and they will continue to be if their personal and home care needs are met in their residence.

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