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How Does Home Care Support Senior Emotional and Mental Well-Being?

Home Care in Hillside NJ
Home Care in Hillside NJ

Beyond physical health, mental and emotional well-being are the next most important factors in helping seniors to live their best lives. But how can family caregivers make sure that seniors have everything they need to experience the best possible mental and emotional wellness? It turns out that home care offers a lot of assistance toward those goals.

One-on-one Care

Individualized care that is customized for each senior’s needs helps them to get exactly what they require without anything that they don’t want. Elder care providers work with seniors and family caregivers as individuals, taking their preferences and situations into account when formulating plans. This gives seniors consistent care that is geared toward their specific well-being.

Social Interaction

When seniors aren’t getting enough social interaction, both mental and emotional wellness suffer significantly. Because home care providers are there to help and they visit regularly, they’re offering not only practical hands-on help, but they’re also offering companionship. They spend time with seniors, enjoying their company and helping them to interact more with other people

Emotional Support

Home care providers listen to their patients, offering a caring, empathetic ear. Seniors can express how they’re feeling without worrying that they’re going to be judged for their feelings. This is incredibly validating and can help seniors to experience less stress overall because they feel heard instead of ignored.

Cognitive Stimulation

Social engagement is very stimulating for the brain, but home care providers can help with cognitive stimulation in other ways, too. They can suggest activities that seniors might enjoy, like games, reading, crafts, and more, that all give the brain something to work on. They also make it easier for seniors to do things like go attend classes or workshops or build a structure that helps them get everything done that they want to do each day.

Greater Independence

On the surface it might seem as if having help from home care providers takes away from a senior’s independence. But the reality is actually far different. Seniors who have help when they need it have the emotional and physical energy to keep doing the things that they can do for themselves. They’re not exhausting themselves trying to handle tasks that are becoming too difficult.

Help with Health Needs

It’s emotionally stressful for seniors to worry about their physical health. They may worry that they can’t get to medical appointments, especially if driving is more difficult now. Or they might find it difficult to eat the diet their doctor has recommended because cooking is more difficult now. All of these issues are things that home care providers can help seniors to manage, even if they can’t offer medical assistance themselves. Having the right help takes more worry off their plate and allows seniors to focus on what they need and want to do.

Home care providers offer a multitude of different solutions for seniors and family caregivers who want to prioritize mental and emotional wellness. Knowing that they’re in good hands helps family caregivers stress less over their seniors’ care.

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Lorraine Arkaifie, MSN, AGPCNP-BC

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