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Aging in Place Confidently with Companion Care at Home

Companion Care at Home in Union NJ
Companion Care at Home in Union NJ

Aging in place is a simple concept at its core. What it truly means is that seniors want to remain in their homes for as long as they can. For some seniors, this isn’t an easy goal to achieve, though, especially if they don’t have the emotional support that they need. Companion care at home is a powerful tool that helps seniors to age in place both comfortably and confidently when they need a little extra social engagement.

Why Age in Place?

Seniors decide to age in place for so many different reasons. In most cases, seniors have lived in that home for a long time and want to stay there, where they’re comfortable. They may also believe that they will better hold onto independence if they stay where they are, in their own homes. Many times seniors who want to age in place have deep ties to their community and have neighbors they enjoy being around. Finally, aging in place is often a more cost-effective answer because moving is an expensive task.

How Home Care Can Help

Elder care offers a lot of support for seniors when they age in place over time, but not everyone needs that level of help right away. The type of help that home care offers is more hands-on assistance. Light housekeeping, meal assistance, transportation help, and more are all ways that senior home care makes a difference. Caregivers do offer emotional support, too, but this type of help isn’t always what seniors need when they first start aging in place.

Companion Care May Be the Right Fit

Instead of full-on elder care assistance, companion care at home might be a better fit. Companion caregivers offer conversation, emotional support, and help to reduce isolation. As seniors spend more time with other people, getting the social engagement that they need, they regain the confidence that they lost along the way. They also feel safer and more secure expressing their needs.

Seniors Need Different Levels of Assistance

The reality is that all seniors are at different stages of their journeys and they need different levels of assistance and support. Lots of seniors who are aging in place benefit from having the hands-on help that home care can offer. But until that time, what many seniors really need is the socialization and companionship that other types of care can offer. It’s easy to make adjustments as seniors need increased levels of assistance, too.

There are so many reasons for seniors to age in place. The problem to avoid is letting seniors fall into a situation where they don’t get the social engagement that they need. It’s easy to avoid that issue by embracing the help that companion care at home can offer. And when the time comes for seniors to get more hands-on help, they’re already used to having caregivers coming in and offering them the assistance that they need. It’s easier to build on that prior experience of having companion caregivers stopping by and spending time.

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Lorraine Arkaifie, MSN, AGPCNP-BC

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