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Six Signs it Might Be Time for Home Care Assistance

Home Care Assistance in Cranford NJ
Home Care Assistance in Cranford NJ

Managing daily tasks and maintaining independence gets increasingly difficult, especially when seniors are battling health issues. Recognizing when it’s time to bring in home care assistance isn’t always easy to do, however. That’s because it’s all too easy to get bogged down in the daily grind of trying to handle everything. But all of that can be made easier with just a little bit of experienced help. When is it time to get that help?

Trouble with ADLs

One of the biggest indicators that it’s time for help from senior home care services is when aging adults start to have more trouble with ADLs. These are activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, toileting, and more. These basic daily tasks are ones that used to be easy for seniors to do alone but are now extremely challenging.

Increased Fall Risk

If seniors are experiencing increasing risk factors related to falling, they definitely need more help. Some of these risk factors include reduced mobility, changes in vision, cognitive challenges, and balance issues. These risk factors are even more serious if seniors have already experienced a fall or a near fall. Having help makes a difference in keeping seniors safer.

Decreased Cognitive Function

Changes in cognitive function, whether that means early signs of dementia or simply cognitive decline, mean that seniors may soon have more trouble living independently. Starting out now with home care assistance can keep seniors safer and help them to maintain their independence longer.

Loneliness and Social Isolation

All too often, seniors end up spending more and more time alone. Eventually, they may even become isolated from the world around them. Seniors are often reluctant to mention to the people they love that they’re having more trouble with loneliness and the emotional impact of social isolation. Having home care providers helping them with other tasks also offers them companionship, which is a vital part of remaining as healthy as possible.

Decline in Overall Health and Well-being

Sometimes seniors simply start feeling less healthy overall, even without major health issues causing the change. Declining appetite, losing weight without trying, experiencing fatigue, and more can all be factors in this decreased sense of well-being. When this happens, it can be important for seniors to have someone there with them to offer a hand and to keep an eye on how they’re doing overall.

Family Caregivers Are Burning Out

Finally, when family caregivers have given everything they have to give, it’s definitely past time to get some extra help. The demands of caregiving are larger than many family caregivers understand until they’re dealing with the aftermath. No one has to go through all of that alone, because help is available.

There’s no one perfect or exactly right moment for every senior to consider home care assistance. But if families are starting to experience any of these issues, it’s certainly worth exploring what kinds of help are available and putting plans in place to support aging adults and their needs now instead of waiting.

If you or a senior loved one needs home care assistance in Cranford, NJ or surrounding areas, please call our friendly staff at 908-590-1759.

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